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Welcome to”Data with Shani”, where i share my knowledge and expertise in Data science field. Finding Data insights and playing with data is a very interesting thing.

And of course Data can be useful to anyone, at anytime , although we live in a diverse society.

So, Join with me on a journey to explore the world of data and discover the endless possibilities of them.


My name is Shanika Hansani

And i work with DATA

I am the Author of “Data with Shani”  website.I love working with Data and sharing my knowledge with you all.

If you are interested in Data , come join me on this journey of exploring the world of data.

what I do?

It's all about DATA

Data Visualization

Data visualization is like having a superpower for understanding complex data. It takes boring numbers and turns them into eye-catching charts and graphs that tell a story. It's like putting on special glasses that reveal hidden patterns and trends that you didn't even know existed. With data visualization, you can easily spot outliers, identify key insights, and make informed decisions. Whether you're in business, finance, or any other field, data visualization is the secret weapon that helps you unlock the power of your data.

Storytelling & Report Writing

Storytelling and report writing mattera a lot in data analytics because they bridge the gap between data and understanding. Data analytics alone can be overwhelming and dry, but storytelling adds a human touch, making it relatable and meaningful. Reports become more than just numbers; they become stories that connect with people on an emotional level. Effective storytelling simplifies complex concepts, highlights key insights, and influences decision-making.


Writing matters a lot in data analytics because it's the key to effectively communicating insights. Without clear and concise writing, the value of data can get lost in translation. Good writing helps simplify complex findings and make them understandable. It ensures that data is accurately interpreted and prevents misunderstandings. When data analysts can write well, they can convey the importance of their findings, persuade decision-makers, and drive positive changes in organizations. In simple terms, writing is what connects data analysis to real-world impact


why "data" matters a lot

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